Sheffield Movie Makers
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If you join the group, we can help with technical and equipment queries and help you to make better movies.
Our Annual General Meeting, the last meeting of the season, is on Wednesday 2nd April.
Sheffield Movie Makers is a group of friendly, enthusiastic amateur film makers. Aimed mainly at camcorder users, we welcome people of all ages, from beginners to advanced, who want to improve their film making skills.

Have you got a camcorder you hardly ever use because it seems too complicated? Have you filmed holidays or family events and been disappointed with the results? Got lots of videos you donít know how to edit? OK, help is at hand!

At our enjoyable weekly meetings between September and April we learn from our guest speakers or from each other.

Why not come for a couple of visits and see for yourself? You may enjoy it and perhaps decide to join us!
The Town Hall and Peace Garden, Sheffield
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